Auto v’s Manual

19 Apr 2016, Posted by David Johnson in News

The dilemma of teaching ¬†automatic or manual car lessons to your new learner driver…..

I believe doing the first 10 hours in an automatic car is a real benefit. This gives them time to learn how much to turn the steering wheel while getting used to the road signs and being on the road around other road users. Not to mention the lower stress level of the supervisor !

There are real benefits however to getting a manual licence.

A lot of jobs require a manual licence due to the type of vehicle they have purchased for certain business reasons. Be it a government, tradie, laborer, or a courier for example. Then there is just in an emergency. So for example. Your 17 year old has gone camping in an isolated spot with there friend. The friend falls and breaks there leg, but whose going to drive the manual 4wd to get help ? You must also have a manual,open licence to get a truck licence.

But on saying that not everyone WANTS TO or CAN drive a manual car for one reason or another.

This has happened in my own family, my daughter gets anxiety attacks and was learning in my manual car when another driver cut us off. She stopped driving for a month but now has her auto licence. I haven’t pushed her to get back in the manual car but she has started talking about getting back in the car. One step at a time, plant the seed of driving again in a manual but don’t push the issue.

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