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scanning at intersections

04 Feb 2016, Posted by David Johnson in News

Its very important when doing your driving test and once you get your licence that when going through an intersection you actually turn your head to the left and to the right before you go into the intersection. Don’t just look out of the corner…


25 Nov 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

You must give way to all pedestrians on a pedestrians crossing on your side of the road, this includes all lanes not just the lane that you are driving in. If it is [say] 2 lanes. If you are at traffic lights and are turning,…

U turns

29 Sep 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

When at an intersection with traffic lights. You can only do a u-turn if there is a sign that says,”U-turn permitted”. Otherwise it is an illegal turn. You can not do a u-turn at an intersection with traffic lights otherwise. When ever you do,do a…

new driving test rules.

16 Jul 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

Qld transport has put new driving test rules into place on the 1/7/2015… These include zero tolerance for speeding, so it is now a critical driving error if you go [even] 1 klm over the speed limit. Which means you will fail your test on…

safe following distance

17 Jun 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

The distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you is 2 seconds. If the conditions are wet, the distance doubles,4 seconds. You measure this by picking a mark on the left hand side of the road, like a power pole. When the…

speed limits

20 Mar 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

When going for your drivers test it is imperative that you obey ALL  the road rules. Especially doing the speed limit. In the test, if you are 1 to 4klms over the speed limit you can be marked down for this . There are only 2…

Rules of roundabout

26 Feb 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

While driving around the city it keeps astounding me how little people realise they must indicate when exiting a roundabout. YES that means even when you are going straight through. You must indicate [left] before you exit from a roundabout. When turning right you must…

New bike rules

04 Feb 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

As of January 1 some new road rules have come into place for cyclists… 1.  A cyclist will be able to ride across a zebra or children’s crossing provided they. a. First come to a complete stop. Penalty $113. b. Proceed slowly and safely. c….

when turning left

07 Jan 2015, Posted by David Johnson in News

A basic rule that is often forgotten until it is too late, is check your left mirror before you make a left turn….. The reason for this is to make sure there are no push bikes,scooters,skate boarders in the bike lane going straight. Even if…

check your mirrors

19 Dec 2014, Posted by David Johnson in News

Nearly saw a car crash yesterday while doing a lesson on mULGRAVE Rd ,out front of Irelands car yard merging lanes there are 3 lanes that merge into 2 heading west towards Earlville. The 4×4 ute in the merging lane kept on driving and moving…