Christmas holidays rush

28 Dec 2016, Posted by David Johnson in News

We all know Christmas is a bad time to be going to the shops, don’t get me started on the shopping center parking and the rude and thoughtless shoppers.
With learner drivers, try and change into the correct lane a bit earlier than YOU would normally do it. Stay away from shopping center traffic as much as you can, peak hour traffic is bad enough without having to contend with a barrage of vehicles all wanting to get into 1 turning lane. Instead why not go to a dead end street and teach them the maneuvers they will need to know. U-turn, 3 point turn, reversing and reverse parallel park. Its time they need on the road not a lot of kilometers.
If your doing a long drive don’t forget to have a break every hour or two. Learner drivers are concentrating a lot more than what you do on the road as its so new to them. Fatigue will set in, so they’ll need more breaks than you.

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