Is your Driving instructor qualified ??

04 Dec 2017, Posted by David Johnson in News

Its great your son or daughter has just got there learners permit, yay !!

Now, you may just decide to teach them yourself or maybe use a driving instructor for one or more lessons. But what driving school should you use ? Obviously the answer is my driving school :]  Seriously though, is the driving schools  instructor qualified to do the job, for your young adults sake you need to know. Its not just about price. You need to ask about but if they have comprehensive car insurance for the vehicle and what type of injury insurance, a drivers licence and a Qld industry authority card. Industry authority card  looks like a drivers licence card but blue. This tells you the instructor has full accreditation by Qld transport. A full police check and a  “Blue card” for working with children is also compulsory. In the driving schools car the passenger side should have another set of pedals. You could always ask for there ABN as well.

Pricing, well that’s up to you, anything over $50 per hour lesson is reasonable. All driving schools teach the same things but how its taught is where the differences are. If someone is charging under $50 for a driving lesson Id be cautious…..

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