check your mirrors

19 Dec 2014, Posted by David Johnson in News

Nearly saw a car crash yesterday while doing a lesson on mULGRAVE Rd ,out front of Irelands car yard merging lanes

there are 3 lanes that merge into 2 heading west towards Earlville. The 4×4 ute in the merging lane kept on driving and moving into the next lane without any consideration of the car already in that lane [which had stopped].Its was only when the motorist[in the small car] beeped his horn did the 4×4 realise a  car was there and rubbed the side of his car with the tyre from the 4×4 ute when he turned to miss the small car.

Man it was close !!   It looked like the 4×4 was going to climb over the small cars bonnet…..

The rule to remember is M.I.S = check your M irror, I ndicate, S houlder check and give way while merging. Keeping in mind the speed of the traffic in the other lanes.


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