First driving lesson can be hell…..

20 Oct 2014, Posted by David Johnson in News

When a parent gets in the car as a passenger with there son or daughter at the wheel for the first time[as a learner] its hard not for them to feel nervous about teaching there teenager to drive.

Like starting the engine of a car, put it in gear and driving away now has to be explained in detail. The teenager needs to understand what a clutch does ,choose the correct gear, when we use the brake and how to control the speed of a car with the accelerator.

Then once they have the car  moving, the volume on the instructions to the learner driver normally gets louder and more frantic causing them to start to do things wrong thus causing more anxiety and[now] shouting.

Sooner or later there is tears or yelling from one or both parties and then anger and frustration.

First lesson over and now the teenager doesn’t want to drive with the parent and the parent doesn’t want the teenager driving there car “until they learn to listen to me “. Sound familiar ??

Yes this doesn’t happen in every case but I have heard this type of scenario a number of times. The parent hasn’t got control of the vehicle anymore . Its easier to get in and drive a car than explain how to drive it.

This is where a professionally trained driving instructor can help the learner driver by teaching the basics of driving while taking the stress out of the first driving lesson for the parents.

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