New Driving Rules

30 Oct 2014, Posted by David Johnson in News

Its interesting the things you can find on the internet. Like  POLICE FINES in Queensland.

Below are some of the road rules.

$256 fine. Driving with a person or animal on your lap.
$44 fine. Reversing for longer than necessary. How longs necessary ??
$256 fine & 1 point for following another vehicle too close [remember the 2 second rule].
$256 fine. Driving without a clear view in all directions.
$66 fine & 2 points. Driving in the right hand lane of a multi -lane road with a 80 kmph or higher limit [it used to be 100 kmph].
$44 fine . Entering an intersection when the road beyond is blocked [don’t queue in an intersection].
$198 fine & 3 points. Making a u-turn across a single or double line.
$352 fine & 2 points. Playing loud music.
$66 fine. Tooting your horn.
$330 fine & 3 points. Using your mobile phone including use by a cyclist.
$44 fine. Leaving the vehicle without the hand brake on.

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