Turning right at traffic lights

09 Nov 2016, Posted by David Johnson in News

When turning right at traffic lights only one vehicle should be out in the middle of the road,over the white line. All other vehicles should stay behind the white line. Once the vehicle in the middle of the road has moved off another vehicle can move out to the middle of the road. If the traffic light turns yellow that car in the middle of the road should move off when its safe to do so. While all other cars have stopped behind the line wait for the next green light.

You must give way to all oncoming traffic including any vehicles turning left and pedestrians crossing the road. If its 2 lanes then you must give way to both lanes. So the pedestrian must not be on the road. At All ! Most of the median strips in town now have what looks like a yellow anti skid mat on them. The pedestrian must be on that mat before you move off.

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